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Support Services

Are you experencing computer problems? Require an expert to assist you? Feralware offers onsite Computer Hardware, Software Troubleshooting. Feralware can provide onsite assistance in diagnosing and troubleshooting computer hardware, software and system configuration issues and get you back up and running.

Hardware and Software Installation

Have you bought a printer, scanner or new software you need to installed or upgrade? Feralware can assist you in installing and configuring your hardware or licenced software. We can also assist in troubleshooting any issues that you may have.

Network and Wi-Fi Setup

We can setup and configure your wired or wireless network for your home or small business and assist in ensuring devices are connected correctly to the network.

PC Health Checks

If you are experencing problems with your computer Feralware and perform system health checks and recommend solutions to ensuring your computer is running in optimum performance.

Backup & Recovery

We offer a range of backup solutions from CD media or external hard disk to cloud solutions. We can work out the best backup solution for you and assist you in recovery.

Virus Removal

Do you think you may have a computer virus?
Computers infected can cause serious damage and be a security risk. Computer visuses can comprimise your personal information such as Credit Card and Online Banking Details. At Feralware we can assist you in ensuring your system is covered by the correct Anti-Virus software solution such as AVG or McAfee to ensure that viruses, malware or unwanted programs are removed correctly.

Upgrades and Setup

Have you a new laptop, desktop or printer? We can assist you in setting up your new device for you. We can also assist in upgrading RAM, Graphics cards, DVD/Blu-Ray etc.

Operating System


Is you computer to cluttered and just not what it useto be? We can assist you in backing up and re installing your computer to its factory settings or new fresh operating system.

Web Design Services

Want to setup a Website for your Home or Business?
Feralware can design and setup a website to your needs. Assist you in setting up the best a domain name and website and e-mail hosting.